# Get started with the openEO Platform Editor


You need to get an openEO Platform account (opens new window) to access the processing infrastructure.

The openEO Platform Editor (also called Web Editor) is a browser-based graphical user interface for openEO Platform. It allows to use the openEO Platform services without any coding experience. You can explore the service offerings such as data collections and processes, but also create and run custom processes on our infrastructure and then visualize the results. Result visualization is still a bit limited, but all other features of the Platform are supported.

The Editor is available at https://editor.openeo.cloud (opens new window) and loads up in "Discovery mode" by default, which means you can explore the service offerings without being logged in. On the left side you can find the service offerings like data collections and processes and on the right side the process editor is shown.

To enable more functionality, e.g. to compute something in a batch job, you have to login. Hover over the button with the text "Guest" in the top right corner and it will show you a "Login" button. Once you clicked on it, the login screen shows up. Here you can simply click the "Log in with EGI Check-in" button and the login procedure will start. See the chapters on the Free Tier or the available plans (opens new window) for more details on the procedure to register and log in.

After you've completed this the login procedure, the Editor shows up again and you'll notice that a new area in the lower middle part of the Editor aprears. This is the user workspace, where you can see all your stored data, e.g. batch jobs or uploaded files.

If you need any more help you can always click the "Help" button in the top right area of the Editor and you'll start a guided tour through the Editor. If there are any additional questions, please contact us.